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Documentation for Nim libraries produced by the Nimbus team

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Leveraging Nim's performance makes these components significantly faster than their non-Nim counterparts


Originally designed to power the world's programmable money, Ethereum, these components have been built with security in mind from day 0


Each library is independent - whether it's a cryptocurrency wallet or a mobile game, your project can easily make use of them.

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Use the search field in the header, or find a desired library in the sections below. Each library has its own documentation with a full API reference and guides. If you'd like to contribute to these docs with your own work or some corrections, please file issues or PRs in the Github repo.


Chronicles is a library for structured logging. It adheres to the philosophy that log files shouldn't be based on formatted text strings, but rather on well-defined event records with arbitrary properties that are easy to read for both humans and machines.


Nimcrypto is Nim's cryptographic library. It implements several popular cryptographic algorithms and their tests with some examples.


Chronos is an efficient library for asynchronous programming and an alternative to Nim's asyncdispatch.


A Nim wrapper for the Go Libp2p daemon.


Ethereum-related utilities written in Nim. Includes things like Bloom filters, private/public key utilities, devp2p, RLP, and more.